The One Thing No One Tells You About Listing Your Home

The One Thing No One Tells You About Listing Your Home

  • Jennifer Landon
  • 01/3/23

You may have relished your home for years, from its prime location to the incredible memories you built within its walls. As much as you treasure your home, the time eventually arrives to put it on the market. Perhaps you’ve chosen to downgrade to a simpler home that will require far less upkeep. Or maybe you’re finally at the place to fulfill your dream of owning an upscale property. Whether it’s an urgent need to relocate or a decision you’ve come to after years of deliberation, you know there’s plenty to be gained from listing a home for sale.

It’s likely that a dizzying amount of advice has been tossed your way as you voiced your choice to sell your home. But the bottom line is this: the devil is in the details, and your ticket to ensuring a smooth, swift sale is to pay special attention to them. Why? Because while glorious homes abound, sellers who look beyond the “big picture” and focus on the details are more prone to making a stronger, more indelible impression with prospective buyers.

Read on for Hollywood Hills’ real estate agent Jennifer Landon’s top tips on putting this into practice.

Review your marketing strategy

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Real estate marketing has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last half-decade, shifting from beautiful though static photos to wholly immersive — and even downright seductive — experiences. In large part, this is due to how people initiate their search for Hollywood Hills homes for sale. Research reveals that 95% of all buyers jumpstart their pursuit for a new property online.

To stand out from the noise frequently found on the internet, your marketing materials must be gorgeous and captivating. Aerial shots of your home’s landscaping, your neighborhood, and the natural beauty around your region should be prioritized. Also create videos that capture your home’s allure, and if you’re marketing the property to foreign investors or out-of-state buyers, create an online 3D tour. The eloquence of your marketing material’s wording should be just as enthralling and free of mistakes; even a misplaced word may elicit a frown in a discerning buyer and cause them to “swipe left.”

Up-level the scent in your home

It’s easy to become inured to the scents your home naturally possesses, whether it’s from the herb garden in your kitchen window, your daughter’s obsession with baking, or your beloved dog’s fur. The idea of baking cookies prior to your showing has become outdated, as the smell is oftentimes too distracting and cloying for prospective buyers to focus on the interior of your home. While all private and intimate odors should be banished from your home, don’t rely on heavy chemical cleansers. Such cleaning solvents can be disturbing to some people, especially as we've trended away from synthetic cleaners and opted for natural products.

Light a few fragrant candles (subtle and not overwhelming) or place a container of lightly and naturally scented diffuser sticks in the living room or kitchen area.

Examine the hardware

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You may have already hired a contractor to refresh the paint in your home and have the shutters replaced to increase your home’s curb appeal. These are great updates, but sellers often overlook the smaller but no less significant items in their homes — including its hardware. Your doorknobs, doorbell, drawer handles, and towel racks — all should be in pristine condition. Buyers have an eagle eye for these details, which can take your home to a new level of loveliness.

Replace your mailbox

The initial impression your home makes on buyers will likely occur on a device. But their first physical view of your home should be nothing short of “wow.” While this may necessitate a handful of changes and upgrades to your home’s exterior, owners often don’t consider the importance of their mailbox. A fresh, modern mailbox conveys a certain level of elegance and care. Given how easy it is to install this item, it should certainly be on your task list before putting your home on the market.

Clean up your cabinets, pantry, and closets

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A lion’s share of the staging energy may have been put into elevating the appearance of your interior and exterior. But keep in mind that buyers are just as interested in the storage space in the home. This is difficult for them to fully grasp if your closets are crammed with clothes and shoes, and your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are filled to the brim with items and supplies. If you’ll be living in your home while it’s on the market, clear out what you won’t be using, clean each “out of sight” storage area thoroughly, and keep what remains on the shelves in tidy order to show off the space.

Assess your appliances

Your appliances may be in fine operating condition, but if they appear worn or outdated, you may want to replace them entirely. Some market experts suggest that appliances past their prime are one of the biggest turnoffs to prospective buyers.

Evaluate your garage

For some prospective buyers, a garage won’t simply be a place to store their vehicles and golf clubs; many homeowners opt to have their garages do double-duty, whether it also functions as their weight room or art studio. The details within this space should be given as much attention as the rest of your home, and the garage should appear as an appealing extension of your residence.

Location, location, location is certainly crucial in real estate — but details, details, details are just as important. A home that dazzles from floor to ceiling — and looks very well-taken care of and impeccable — will give potential buyers a reason to say “wow.” Pay your marketing materials as much heed as your home’s appearance before a key showing, and you may receive the multiple offers you’re hoping for.

If you need more tips before listing a home for sale, contact expert counsel and realtor Jennifer Landon. Specializing in Hollywood Homes for sale, she can help you cover the particulars and prepare your home for the market.

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